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Shopping bags that make a difference



Grace's Landing is the name of our family home in Ireland. It is a place we return to again and again for peace and inspiration. Surrounded by the beauty of the southern Irish countryside, we are reminded of the small differences that we make through our choices--choices in what and how we consume, and the actions we take to increase or lessen the impact on the planet we inhabit together.

Grace's Landing, our company, is committed to offering a line of environmental products to make those choices a bit easier. What we sell reflects our values of conservation, sustainability, and above all, grace. None of us get it right 100% of the time, but we try to live mindfully of the conditions of a changing world that relies on us to do what we can to make the planet more livable and more just.

We invite you to partner with us and share ideas for sourcing the kind of every day products that are consistent with those values. Use the "Get in Touch" button below and let us know what you think, what is important to you, and what we can do together to make our world a better place for our children, and theirs.


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